Will the Madden 17 this season, meet the expectations of fans of the game?

Although Madden NFL one of the greatest franchises EA, minimal attention has been paid Madden NFL 17 at E3 2016 press conference this company. Some took this as a sign that EA does not claim too much hope in this game, but after trying out all the modes of this game for a while, the players say there is no reason to worry. In fact, Madden 17 is perhaps the best games of this type available for the consoles of new generation.

EA Tiburon has achieved this through the promotion, which helped this study to strengthen standards to modern football should look like. Whether you play offense, defense, or as a coach, everything about playing these games run smoothly as possible, with all aspects of the game promoted better. Nevertheless, the latest Madden lacks it one function to help him to stand out from its predecessors.

madden-coinsLast year’s Madden NFL 16 scored Draft Champions mode which is good accepted by players and critics. Madden NFL 17, on the other hand, no new toys modes, and does not offer anything strikingly like a story mode that offers the 17th FIFA His lack of any significant changes and new game modes is probably the reason why EA did not pay too much attention to the new NFL the E3 conference, but that does not mean that the NFL 17 just repeated last year’s version of the game.

On the contrary, Madden NFL 17 boasts improved AI-em, superior graphics, squads of training, and other accessories that make this game generally better than Madden NFL 16. The NFL 17 also has a number of new premium features inserted in Franchise mode that although not as important as the Champions Draft mode, add this game to the value.

First, there is the Play Moments. Play the Moments makes the game much faster to simulate the most exciting moments, and then lets players take control. Great Madden NFL fans are not exactly thrilled with this innovation because they do not want their most matches being simulated, but those who are looking for fast fun in brief occasions will prefer the Play Moments mode compared to other modes of games that require more time.

best-of-maddenPlay the Moments is supplemented by another new feature called Big Decisions, which essentially boils down management team in Franchise mode on the most important decisions that players will have to deal with during the season. These two options combined to make the season are shorter, and helps players to get to the most exciting and the most interesting moments of a lot faster. Of course, “he says,” Madden fans still can play every second of the game and deal with the smallest details of its management team, or those who just want to play the most interesting moments now have the option to do so.

It is obvious that EA Tiburon using these new options, as Play the Moments and Big Decisions, wants to provide a variety of experiences with the latest Madden infection that will appeal to players of all kinds of taste, and to make a game that is more than just true to its a franchise, which is definitely a good thing. Madden NFL 17, however, does not end its quest to expand with the Play Moments and Big Decisions, but continues with expanded capabilities approach to the game, which are especially visible in the field.

Madden NFL 17 is easier for beginners in the field thanks to automatic skill for players who are that are easier to play. They also threw in and help that shows the path running to the players easier to understand how to effectively carry out specific attacks, with extra and buttons that appear to make the players more easily avoided coming defensive lineup. With these settings, Madden NFL 17 is designed to complete initial and may take a joystick and plays fairly well, even their first.

Some players may be concerned that Madden NFL 17 too is trying to please the average audience, but it still provides the same level of challenges that veterans are expected. Any additional auxiliary functions Madden offers during the game can be excluded or ignored, so if a player wants, so the game difficult or easy as the player set. Again, this is Madden’s attempt to reach out to the large base of players as possible, and that it succeeds.

Even if most of the players do not recognize these changes that make the latest Madden NFL superior football games, they will be able to detect a wide range of options offered, improved graphics, and that this game is the richest functionality in their franchise that is dosptuna to play on the new consoles even without a new popular mode of play. For those who are helping to Madden constantly be among the best-selling games, the Madden NFL 17 is then an easy decision, but for those who may have stopped to play games in this a franchise, this may be the perfect time to go back to that habit.