The return of more than 100 years back in time, DICE has turned to the Battlefield 1 Battlefield series for a full 180 degrees and brought much-needed freshness in today’s scene multiplayer skirmishes first person. Instead of yet another modern or futuristic conflict where or run on the walls or knocking with robots, we are entering the battlefields of the Great War. No more different jets and helicopters, accompanied by guided missiles because they have been replaced flies static and anti-aircraft guns. Everything else remains virtually the same, that is known, which retains the existing fan base and attracting new because, World War I did not experience the popularity of what had next world conflict on a virtual battlefield.



It seems that the risk of changing a winning formula still was too high given the current budget needed for the development of AAA The titles.

Changing period opened the possibility of developers not only to try to experiment with expanding the roots that make Battlefield what is, but also get the opportunity to create a campaign unlike anything played. Unfortunately, no one has not been used fully since it seems that the risk of changing a winning formula still was too high given the current budget needed for the development of AAA titles. If nothing else, Battlefield 1 sets the foundation for the future should look like addresses high production. This is particularly evident when I say that the developers managed audio-visual surpass its previous title in the Star Wars universe. There can be no problem to witness a fantastic graphic scenes that simply calls for stopping and observing the environment despite many bullets flying in all directions.

It is known that Swedes from DICE are not masters known for creating high-quality single-player campaign and while the Bad Company 2 proved to have some knowledge in the fingers, the past two Battlefield titles are equally disappointed in this field. It is this sequel offered a chance at redemption, because with superb graphics driver and the fact that the thematic lie in the territory which has not been properly explored in the gaming world, we have made good progress not only with the narrative part, but also the gameplay. Somewhat expected, DICE has once again managed to kill all hope in the singleplayer field in terms of fun and memorable campaign so we once again shown that they are still graduate and doctorate on the subject of multiplayer environment.

The first launch of the game, immediately enters the campaign and go to the battlefield covered with scars of war where we witness the first attempts that we developers want to connect with the characters and the horrors that come with armed conflicts. This would somewhat make sense to chapters or stories of characters from different parts of the world last longer than an hour. This whole aspect is done rather superficial because apart from each story is too short to create connection, the whole gameplay concept was presented through the ‘one man army’ march as we would not be ashamed John Rambo nor John Matrix.

In the first 15 minutes singleplayer campaign graphics are the only thing that will truly impress.

Even if the characters should be portrayed as heroes continue their presentations at best superficial. Through five chapters instead of the real single-player experience, presenting actually glorified tutorial for multiplayer that you see, in this case there is some kind of action. The biggest problem is not even in the absence of a quality narrative part, but in dull gamplay who is on his own hurt the partners got a criminal bad artificial intelligence. When combined with forcing a stealth sections where opponents raise the alarm throughout the battlefield if they can not kill it the first time, creates an impression of sloppy work done.

Even when this segment is put aside, the chapter is not particularly tense. For example, in the first story, the player is introduced to the crew of the British tank in which comrades serve purely as an accompaniment to speak, and the player’s salary deduction of the whole deal. Driving, shooting, repairing tanks – all player like no share jobs because that would mean programming intelligence that can execute more than one conditional within a given situation. Even the structure of the mission repetitive. The first ride and shoot, and then walk a pure path to the tank it again at the end of the vehicle and fired. This quickly becomes tedious, because despite the fantastic graphics, lacking a sense of real war.

The second task is similar, only instead of a tank, now the aircraft came under the spotlight. Here is the most impressive part of the graphic, because the first frame of the mountains from the cockpit aircraft looks incredible. The structure is of course the same – the player performs most of the work, which includes support bombers, attacking targets on the ground and the segment that has provided so much the most impressive impression of the whole campaign, and it is running away through the enemy lines. Of course, here again comes to the fore its not bad intelligence and stealth segment.

The other three chapters are not too noteworthy because they do not differ too much in the structure but used more for presentation environments that are centered within the multiplayer, with of course a demonstration of weapons in multiplayer which can handle. Of course, one should be aware that this is not the address for solo offline playing, but after such as Wolfenstein and Doom, which showed that looks fun single-player campaign, you do not need to lower standards.


How many single-player may disappoint, so its opposite can delight. Everything that makes Battlefield entertaining title is present here with even better visual representation of the war. Accommodation in the new era can not affect the gameplay basics that are the same throughout the series, only the different weapons which is understandable when one considers the time of action. Moreover, developers have so clung to the roots of the series, however, mostly shot with weapons that are not often seen at the battlefield. Considering what kind of project works, it is quite understandable decision but if someone was afraid he would not be able to use a machine gun and run, these fears have disappeared already in the beta phase.

In addition to class now somewhat modified through their roles, with the proviso that the Medic and Scout remained the same, Assault has experienced a change since become a true anti-tank defense, while Support is used to repair and supply of bullets. There are also special classes strictly related to transportation. Both pilots, tank crews and horsemen also have their weapons, and the elite class like a guy with a huge machine gun or flame throwers become active when a randomly created map. This is the same system that we have seen in the Battlefront, and now has found its place here in thematic form.

The biggest change inside the multiplayer is not in some kind of new gameplay options, but in the form of funds for the destruction of opponents but to these elite class, there are special mechanical monsters that provide a living hell in the direction of the opponents. When a team starts to lose significantly, depending on the map, the scene comes a giant airship, train or battleship to reverse the forces on the battlefield. Clever use of this ’65. players’, things can be reversed, but if there is no team collaboration on the battlefield, even these monsters will not be of use.

There are also innovations in gameplay modes along the popular Conquest and Rush, Battlefield 1 in family introduces two new. One of them is the War Pigeons where the aim is to catch pigeons and keep it long enough in possession of his team in order to write a message and you can then successfully left to fly wherever they fly. This mode is comparable to Protect the VIP which can be seen in other titles and interesting to play because it comes mainly close conflicts, which is a good substitute for Deathmatch.
The second mode is Operations that briefly Rush on steroids because operations span across two or more folders. Specify would be to say that this mini-campaign since before and after the end there is a short story that tells you what to expect and theorizes it could happen that his side took the victory. Everyone who is a classic conquest points in Rush tired, this is a fantastic alternative to the more tense gameplay.


The First World War provided an opportunity for developers to try out something new and wild in the Battlefield series, but instead we got the classic Battlefield experience with different equipment under the arms and legs. All who seek fun punching with this game can not go wrong with it because it will get the ultimate visual treat that is especially evident with the dynamic changing times. In the desert folders can be booted sandstorm, at locations along the coast, we can witness a fantastic present storm, and the folders in the interior of the continent fog hampers warfare. Particularly impressive is that it’s not about scripting events, but changes are coming randomly and alter the terms of the extent that the access to your gameplay needs to change.

All who seek fun punching with this game can not go wrong with it because it will get the ultimate visual treat that is especially evident with the dynamic changing times.

But unfortunately, as far as multiplayer was impressive and even if you did not receive any significant changes in the gameplay that could be easily justified a new era, so DICE once again failed to disappoint with a single player. Instead of showing the real war environment that is no longer limited to hardware, we get ‘one man’ scenario as that which is written by Michael Bay. Unfortunately, the developers did not have the courage to at least one folder or script to make the right view of the Great War, where the trenches and the massacre in no man’s land was a significant feature of this period, but who knows, maybe we are waiting for it to already announced DLC packs.

DICE is the Battlefield 1 had the opportunity branched roots of the series, but they decided to minimal risk where the game will not be the most remembered by changing the period, but the top graph.