Final Fantasy XV is a game that is extremely difficult to review. On the one hand we have a title that tries to connect three decades playing the inheritance of the Final Fantasy series has created. On the other hand we have RPG that tries to innovate, amaze and delight.
For this reason it is not easy to stick a review on this JRPG because Square Enix is failing to achieve all its ambitions as successfully. Thus, the overall gaming experience that will provide the Final Fantasy 15 will largely depend on your personal preferences. Yes, we could say that this is true for all the games, but in this particular case we have a game that you will either love it or hate it.

At the end of the day, we have the impression that Final Fantasy XV still functions as a modern Japanese RPG of epic proportions. Yes, the game has some lapses in concentration and at times it is not clear to whom the Square Enix designed this piece of work, or not, but Overall, the four protagonists of our Final Fantasy XV served still hold the whole thing together.

Prince Noctis and his companions Gladiolus, prompt and Ignis are not typical family of aliens who are Internet isklišejiziranih and the JRPG genre well-known circumstances unite to defeat the forces of evil and save the world from stereotypical villain number 254,639,534,256th No, this is a group of close friends who are known for many years as the story Final fantasy 15 gives a convincing, human dimension.
Developers did not miss the opportunity to explore the background stories of these characters and thanks to that we got four very sympathetic protagonist with whom we can relate to and with whom we can empathize was to explore the idyllic country Lucis, bargaining at the local markets, or smash the skull regional bandits.

The biggest change in comparison to the previous games in the series is to fight in real time. And no, we are not talking about Active Battle System, which is the franchise long ago invented; Final Fantasy XV has “real” real-time battles. Therefore, this title often do not leave the impression of Final Fantasy games, but on the other hand, is not that the new mechanics bad. Indeed, this different approach to the fight and still puts emphasis on tactics, team attacks, and carefully positioning, just as the whole story now unfolds in real time.

When you do not tear the opponent’s limbs with Noctis will order you his comrades when that timed their special attacks, a well-struck moment will result in not only a huge amount of damage, but also very entertaining interactions between your protagonist that whole time cheering each other and help each other. Simply put, Final Fantasy XV is somehow present bloodthirsty struggle as family gatherings. The author of these lines was personally thrilled by this bizarre fact, but it is unlikely that such an approach action sit every type of player.

Regarding the fight, it should be noted that the AI of your fellow soldiers very efficient and no time you will not feel as if the nanny clusters crass polygons. No, gladiolus, prompt and Ignis are very capable fighters who will in some situations neskriptiranim even save and go have a little bit of your certain death. On the statistical side Noctis is by far the most complete character, but it is unlikely that you will at any time to feel superior to their virtual comrades.

On the other hand, AI opponent is not on the same level, which means that the harder the struggle mainly “artificially” induced by pumping endless statistics various bosses, and the same mechanics are significantly simplified compared to the last game, a change that probably will not sit well most of the Final Fantasy and JRPG veterans. Melee attack is probably the most striking element of limited combat systema in this game and we are at times thought that Final Fantasy XV little too faithfully translated the formula physical fights his 29 years old predecessor, which comes down to squeezing the “Attack” and see what happens.

If nothing else, at least the game impresses in terms of special effects, animation and visual images in general, and should be commended absolutely incredible Summon animations that are so spectacular that we often worked unnecessary summon against weaker opponents only that we can see them again. Of course, if you’re not a fan of JRPG genre, you’ll probably think that Final Fantasy XV is not spectacular, but spectacular over-game, but for someone who grew up playing the first 3D Final Fantasy games, this title is the realization of a dream.

Open-world country Lucis is absolutely huge and you will be easily lost in it. While the research is one of the strongest side of the game, the very mechanics of navigation are something that will be most of the players have to get used to. If you want to travel quickly and safely, Final Fantasy 15 will you be expected to simultaneously take care of a lot of things. First, while the game still running, and nighttime trips are never safe, even if the vehicles and in the car. You’ll have to think about the amount of gas you have in the tank, the locations at which you rent a chocobo on which you ride, the places where you will spend the night and meals that you eat.

I just apologize for this beautiful open world sorry that plays on the side of narrative design during the second half of the story turns into a linear array Dungeon kind are afraid since 2009 and Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, almost always you will be able to return to freely explore Lucis, but it is obvious that the developers ran out of time to implement all the ideas screenwriter since the first half of the game clearly shows that the people who designed the game story certainly understand how to connect the gameplay and narrative elements.

If this sounds like a nightmare and overly forcing reality, do not worry – the game has a fast travel system that can take advantage of speed to travel between locations you’ve already visited, all the above elements will have to experience only once according to the new trip. On the other hand, if you plan a virtual trip sounds like the realization of a dream, it’s hard to be in the first 30 hours of gameplay to even think tapping the fast travel option. Travel in the game are not only logistically complex, but also very fun when they included the constant interaction between the protagonists that will occasion a lot better.

Of course that you will not have time on the open road I could cut and with hundreds of various side quests and mini-games, and many secondary missions have greater level requirement than the main story of the game. In other words, you will not miss content to play even when you finish the main quest line Final Fantasy 15. In the classic JGRP quests and quest for optional weapons, research dungeons and debt collection, through diplomatic missions and betting on fights monsters but to participate in the chocobo races , fishing and a bunch of other additional activities, indeed it is unlikely that you will ever bother playing Final Fantasy XV.

This is perhaps the biggest criticism we have on this game – the second half of the main stories we constantly forces you to choose between progress through the main quest line and – fun. The story the game is not bad, but a good part of the road that will pass through its completion as it is pulled out of the worst parts of Final Fantasy XIII. On the positive side, a number of linear quests placed before you place in some visually amazing locations that vary from (Final) fantasy version of Venice to the monstrous flying boats. In other words, even though we did not enjoy playing some of the main quest game, almost all of us remain engraved in the memory because of its incredible presentations.

Square Enix did not fail even to meet its fan service obligations because adulation fans in the last Final Fantasy game has really plenty. Since the goal of these reviews is not to spoil the gaming experience that you Final Fantasy XV can offer, let’s just say that you will be satisfied regardless of the amount of titles in this series that you have previously played.

The place would only praised visual Variety world that Square Enix has created for the purpose of this game. Just like quests, locations in Final fantasy XV to vary absolutely unbelievable proportions. From medieval towns, over ancient resting to retro futuristic metropolis, this game has almost everything except techno classic fantasy motifs that have over the years become the defining characteristic of the Final Fantasy series. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing.

Despite the large amount of references of previous sequels, Final Fantasy XV is extremely atypical Final Fantasy games. On the one hand, or the world and mechanics that are anything but usual for this iconic series and in a very successful way. On the other hand, those couple of elements from previous games present in FF15 are almost exclusively those who do not like it, most of which we did not like the linear design of the second half of the main story and dumber combat system that seemed to us back 15 years ago. However, overall, Final Fantasy XV is very impressive RPG experience that we warmly recommend to all fans of the genre, because if you hate because of nostalgia and a pair of strange designs, you’ll love it because of the large colorful characters, beautiful open world and absolutely incredible amounts of content will bear this game in front of you.