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Evony The King’s Return:

Join Now with your friends in the largest RTS game of all time now on the mobile devices, Evony The King’s Return hack! Create your own city, train your troops, expand your empire and conquer the city of Thrones to become the King!

An exceptionally rich and surprising together OF FEATURES
– Choose from five unique cultures to customize the architectural style of the game: American, Chinese, European, Korean and Japan!

– YOU ARE THE DIPLOMATIC! Join a strong alliance where you can make friends, communicate in real time via voice and text with auto-translation in order to improve the strategies and win epic battles.

– YOU ARE THE WARLORD! With more than four types of troops to select and train the infantry to create real mass of siege equipment; Fight against your enemies and see the battles around you in real time on the map of incredibly animated world.

– YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! Administers the cities in your empire and use leadership skills in managing resources and research improvements for strategic benefit.

– YOU ARE THE MONARCH! famous generals to recruit to help with battles in the history and development of the city. On Evony you can view real-time battles!

Do you have what it takes to rule your empire and claim the throne? Join us on Evony The King’s Return!

Evony: The King’s Return – a strategy with large-scale battles, buildings and the capture of new territories.


You, as a young ruler should provide a vast territory Dyukvuda farms to feed the people living on it. First of all, we have to deal with the construction of the most common farm, select the area suitable for these cases and will wait until the construction of the farm. In any building you spend not only resources, but also the time, of course, you can instantly build a building, but will have to pay donatnoy currency, and in the early stages of the game it is better not to do.

The next step is the development of their state building barracks, where soldiers will be trained, of which will consist of your army. Marines will make the most of your army, so the ones you need to train in the forefront. Fight you like with other kingdoms, and monsters that rob your citizens and taking away from them their homes. Before each battle you can select General, which will increase the morale and the ability of your army. Battles are schematic and do not represent anything interesting, as the player with a large number of strong soldiers.

Doing quests allows you to earn rewards and resources that you will need throughout the game process, including preparations for the battles and the construction of buildings. Buildings in the strategy a lot, and their gradual development allows you to increase the overall level of your settlement, and also opens up new opportunities and territories.

Graphics and Sound

Strategy online, and hence the chart it is mediocre, so a lot of facilities, locations enormous, but their portrayal of poor, simple animation, boring battle, and no musical accompaniment.

Evony: The King’s Return – strategy designed for the fans of this area, experienced players who tried the game on the gameplay rather than registration, and other functions.