We already know that the Super Mario Run does not play like a classic Mario title. But we are pleased to start this review with the statement that the first Mario mobile game is no less fun than its chronological predecessor’s.

This is without a doubt a charming, polished and highly contagious platformer. You can play with one hand for five minutes or with two hands at seven o’clock, and in both cases is equally good time. Nintendo with sUPER Mario Run proved that indeed knows convey its successful gaming formula and on other platforms. Which is something in which we have until recently still a little suspicious given that the only great mobile bestseller of these companies – Pokemon Go – developed independent studio.

But all doubt with Mario Run fall into the water. From the intuitive controls and fantastic animation through distinctive visual style in high resolution and piles level that you always want to play again until the three extremely different fashion games and great soundtrack. This is a mobile game with which we will hang still a lot of time.

Of course that this Mario game graphics can not be measured with recent installments of the series, which came out on consoles. super Mario Run and still manages to look really good on the relatively small screen of the new iPhone. Developers have also earned praise for his good sense of proportion because the screen always has enough free space to get your fingers never block the view of the action.


Super Mario Run good control: a prerequisite for any high-quality platform

On the mechanical side, this is a classic Autorunner in the manner of Ubisoft Rayman Run games. The main control you have over Mario is the jump that can extend or use it to bounce off the walls and change the direction of its movement. So what is the gamplay is concerned, this is a game that is very easy to start playing, but very difficult to master, just as befits one below the iconic Mario series, which has long been synonymous with the gaming industry. So, although you will never have full control over the most legendary virtual plumber, Mario Run has so many good control you will very quickly forget this fact.

Of course you have good control precondition of any quality platformer. Especially when their turn came weighs level which Mario Run certainly has. Once the display shows five Goombi and seven other dangers that come from all directions. You will be very glad you’re Nintendo made the effort to make the game with perfectly responsive controls.

With the classical level, Mario will run before you put the special coin runs. That are designed to challenge those most experienced players, and are designed as platformerski version of gambling. As part of each level you will need to balance between risk and reward, and all and you become too ambitious and your fingers stop listening. It will be too late because by then troops already be hooked on Super Mario Run.

The game also offers a nice asynchronous multiplayer races with other players appropriately named Toad Rally. The winners of this race will win the part of competitors that will then not at all violent means to persuade him to move into their own Mushroom kingdom that can develop in the Kingdom Builder mode. This latter mode is another bright spot anyway quality games as it provides a completely different gameplay experience that is not only convenient for the rest of platformer gampleay. The coins you collect in platformer modes you can use to develop and grow its own virtual kingdom, and although most awards in this fashion cosmetic in nature, you will be in a position and win a few new characters with whom you can manage in the main mode Mario Run.

Conclusion on the overall mobile game Super Mario Run

Mario Run basically offers two games in one. First of all, this is a fantastic platformer with plenty of modes and levels that you will always want to play “one more time” to try to seize all the coins, discover all the secrets and bring down the last time record. Secondly, Super Mario Run is one relaxing city builder that gives you the opportunity to manage its case-own mushroom kingdom and in the process earn a bunch of cosmetic rewards and new characters. If Nintendo us in the future even more honors with which the new world or package level, this would address very easily be classified as one of the top 5 best mobile platformer of all time, but already and now we believe that Mario Run worth every penny invested.