Cheats Clash Royale: How to get free gems on Android and iOS.

Clash Royale, one of the most played online games in the world thanks to its graphics and gaming experience, but when it comes to getting gold and gems, players have to get busy to get them. But how to use cheats on Clash Royale and get free gems and gold? It can be done! Incredible, isn't it? Have you ever wondered how to get free gems and gold for Clash Royale?

With these resources, you can climb the Clash Royale rankings. With all the Clash Royale cheats that we will introduce you, you will decide how many gems and gold to add to your account.

In short, you can get unlimited gold to purchase the best cards in the game. With the Clash Royale hack, you will have unstoppable strength!

This Clash Royale generator is totally compatible with all devices: Android, iOS, Windows and more.

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Clash Royale Gem Generator!
Our Clash Royale tricks are extremely easy to use. The generator is connected to a cloud server, which allows you to generate unlimited gems and gold for Clash Royale wherever you are. This cheat / resource generator for Clash Royale is useful for Clash Royale players who don't want to spend real money, but play for free.

Just go to the generator from the button at the beginning of the article, enter the username, select a number of gems and gold that you want to transfer to your account and then generate them.

Why are Clash Royale cheats needed?

Gems, Clash Royale's virtual money have several uses:

Collect trunks. Thanks to them you will have the best cards faster, you can improve your troops to make your deck more powerful.
Exchange the gems for gold. Absolutely necessary if you want to improve your troops and buy the cards available in the shop.
Accelerate the speed to unlock the trunks. Again, this is very important as it allows you not to "ruin" your victories and to be able to receive the trunk you deserve after your victories every time.
You understand, getting gems is the fastest way to get a really strong deck.

Aware of the fact that not everyone can put in gems for a video game, we have developed this generator that allows you to connect to the Super cell servers through a flaw that allows us to insert lines of code to "create" gems on your account.

This is 100% secure for your account, we never ask for your account password. Clash Royale cheats are a security to have all the gems you want.

Properties of Clash Royale Gems Cheats

1. unlimited gems

Yes, you can generate unlimited gems at no cost and use these gems on your game. Just use it when you need it for a reasonable price.
Unlimited free gem generator

2. unlimited gold

Gold is so expensive in royal shock. If you buy this, spend a few dollars. But in this resource, you get a royal shock gold generator.
Doing anything with this gold is not a resource. Boost your game now

3. Get rewards

Rewards can bring you huge benefits for your game. You can get daily rewards with this boom blaster resource.
Daily rewards and get a bonus offer.

4. Buy cards and daily deals

Brings you a high profile on your game account, and you used those cards by buying a little extra power without any problems
Buy cards without any cost or problem.

5. Higher level

Rank your level easily and play easily in the Clash Royale arena.
Boost your player and your team now.

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very competitive strategy game developed by the creators of the most popular games: Supercell; the creators of Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach! Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game featuring the popular Clash of Clans characters but embedded in a strategy and action game. The idea of ​​the game is to make two players collide by winning who manages to destroy the opposing base. Over time, you will build your base, train and finally start fighting! The goal is to defeat your opponent while defending your territory. It is a card game, but not as you think. Clash Royale is an original card game that clearly differs from other card games. There are tons of cards in the game. Each card represents different spells, buildings and troops. Your goal is to create a strong army with your cards. You can earn cards at each battle or by exchanging them with other players. They can also be bought in the Clash Royale store. There are several types of cards: Common, Rare and Epic. You will have to keep these cards, build a very strong deck with them and dominate the battlefield.

Clash Royale cheats: infinite gems, free gold, elixirs and epic cards

Be wary of those who promise you cheats for Clash Royale: here are the only moves to increase the number of gems, increase your gold and get epic cards.

  • Clash Royale: here is a guide with the tricks with which to obtain infinite and free gems, and to easily find epic and rare cards.
  • Very fun strategy game, in which the opponents face each other in real time using cards inspired by the universe of Clash of Clans.
  • Clash Royale players, one of the most downloaded Android and iOS apps of the moment, need gems, gold and elixirs to move forward in the game but unfortunately it is very difficult to get these resources without paying.

Gold can be obtained for free by opening the trunks or by giving cards to members of your clan and is used to enhance the characteristics and statistics of your cards. The gems, however, can be purchased through payments in the app, and are used to receive trunks and to speed up the opening of the cases obtained in battle. But to have a sufficient amount of gold, gems and elixirs you have to play for several hours but not everyone has time, or desire, to do it.

That's why often those who play Clash Royale look for tricks with which to generate infinite gems for free in order to reach higher and higher scores and to be able to enhance their cards.

But are there any cheats of Clash Royale with which to have free and infinite gems and to accumulate a lot of gold without having to spend a euro? Below are the answers to these questions, because we will list all the tricks available for Clash Royale. In addition, we will also explain how to easily get some of the epic and legendary cards in the game, such as the Arc-X and the Super Witch.

Clash Royale tricks: infinite and free gems and gold at will

Gems are very important for Clash Royale purposes. In fact, these are useful for obtaining special chests (magical or silver), to compensate for the gold spent in battle and to enhance your cards. In order to have infinite gems you will have to buy them in the app store, but in this case you risk spending a fortune.

Unfortunately, there are no tricks for getting free and endless gems in Clash Royale, so be wary of any person who tells you otherwise. During the game, however, you will have the possibility to unlock the gems for free. In fact, upon reaching the daily goal you will receive a treasure chest and by opening it you will receive some gems. Their number depends on the rarity of the chest, because the higher it is, the higher it will be.

In this regard, we advise you to unlock the greatest number of chests in the first arenas, because the more you go forward in the game, the more difficult it will be to obtain them.

There is not even a trick to get gold at will, but following our advice you will not need it. In fact, in order to accumulate a lot of gold it is important not to waste it in the early stages of the game, without getting caught up in the temptation to enhance the community cards that after a while will no longer be useful.

As we said earlier, one of the best ways to get gold in Clash Royale is to give away your cards to members of your clan. For example, donating a rare card earns 50 gold coins.

However, not everyone wants to get rid of a rare card, since it is very difficult to find them. To prevent this from happening, however, you can exchange the same card with your partner, so that both of you will receive 50 coins without having weakened the deck.

Clash Royale tricks: how to get epic cards

In order to have more chances to win a battle, there are many epic cards in the deck. Unfortunately it is not easy to find them and there are no tricks that allow us to choose the epic card we want.

How can you get the epic cards of Clash Royale? Epic cards can be found in chests, but the chances of finding a truly rare one increase when you find yourself in the most difficult arenas. In fact, while it is almost impossible to find an epic card in the gold and silver trunks, the odds increase in the giant and magical ones.

Here in which trunks it is easier to find the epic cards of Clash Royale:

giant trunk: good probability;
magic chest: the presence of one or more epic cards (up to a maximum of three) is guaranteed;
super magical chest: the presence of at least 6 epic cards is safe, up to a maximum of 22.