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What makes Mafia 3 Rivals really shines is the story.

However, what really shines Mafia III Rivals, not graphics, but the story.

At the beginning of the game, the development team "warns" players that every word, situation, every scene and graphical representation.

In order to illustrate the reliability of the atmosphere that reigned in those areas the late sixties.

The story takes place in New Bordeaux (Mafia version of New Orleans) and follows the veterans of the war in Vietnam. Lincoln Clay, on his way to revenge and absolute domination.

Imagine a big, black version of De Niro from Taxi Driver and you will gain a correct picture of the protagonists.

Mafia III Rivals is not just a tale of revenge and gaining power. Mafia III Rivals is an example of a deep, atmospheric narrative, where discrimination and racism run through possible.

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So far the best and most daring written script of an open world game.

Ironically, extremely grim story Mafia III Rivals is where she and the brightest shine.

In this field, there is almost no further controversy. It is one of the biggest advantages that Mafia III Rivals hold the attention of his players.

Mafia III Rivals is the experience of 30+ hours. Imbued with some graphic discomfort, again succeeding in everything that lacks compensate refreshing performing above average and well-told story.

Although it now looks more like one than GTA title on his first sequel.

Mafia 3 Rivals still manages to remain his.

Its emphasis is focused on the elements that mean the most to her and that even blurred graphics and technical problems can not hide.

Undoubtedly make an update package in the form of a larger patch raised general impression and evaluation, and thus as things stand now.

Mafia 3 Rivals is a great game, which is against all of its shortcomings and still deep and fearless fun.

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