Cheats Flame vs Blaze Hack Glitch Topaz and Midas 2021

Cheats Flame vs Blaze - Hack Topaz and Midas

While many mobile games go out of their way to avoid using the term MOBA, Flame vs Blaze is not one of them. The new Square Enix anime explosion of 3v3 multiplayer mutilation includes many things that one would expect to see in a MOBA, albeit traversed with the usual brand of delicious rarity that is the company's trademark.

One of the biggest problems when starting any new MOBA is the bullying factor/learning curve when you are starting. Flame vs Blaze has a pretty decent tutorial to help you with the basics, such as moving, activating skills and the like, but after that, kind of pitches in the deep end and you have to defend yourself.

We would hate you to get lost on the way, so we've prepared some tips for Flame vs Blaze beginners so you can participate in battles and feel like you're contributing right away.

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Each game in Flame Versus Blaze has three players on each side, although you can join the queue for a match as an individual. Each player controls a character, called Agent, with unique abilities that can be activated to help in the battle.

The objective of each game is to destroy the Reactor of the opposing team (red if you are in the blue team or vice versa).

However, unlike other MOBAs, Reactors are not static objects or towers, but rather large creatures that come to life in the final stages of a combat and fight each other.

In the early stages of a match, your job is to collect Mana to level up your Reactor and make it stronger.

Small fragments of Mana can be found around the battlefield or when they fall by defeated agents of the other team.

There are also Mana Clusters that appear during the game and have to be defeated as monsters before they relinquish their Mana.

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Speaking of monsters, the vast area below the main street has neutral monsters that will join and fight on their side once defeated. Some monsters will fight by your side, while others will defend your base or attack the enemy base.

Once the Reactors wake up, their work becomes to attack directly the opposing Reactor, defending their Reactor or collecting mana to load the special attack of their Reactor.

Eventually, a Reactor will be defeated, awarding one victory, and the rewards that come with it, to the other team.

Do you have all that? It may seem complicated, but each match basically comes down to this:

First game: Collect monsters and collect Mana.
Mid-game: Search and harvest Mana Clusters or attack the Mana plants of the other team to weaken your Reactor.
Late Game: Join the battle between Reactors and push for victory.
Obviously, it is better to try to join what your teammates are doing, but if you adhere to that game plan in general, you will be contributing to the success of your team.


After completing the Flame vs Blaze tutorial, you will have the opportunity to unlock one of the three initial agents: Yasaka, Baza, and Dahlia. You will have to use that Agent in any game in the future, although the items called Rental Tickets will allow you to use an Agent that you have not unlocked for one hour at a time. Agents can also be permanently unlocked by passing Topaz, the game's premium currency.

Each agent has four different skills to take to a match. One is passive, that is, it is always on, while the other three need to be activated using the buttons at the bottom right of the game screen during the battle.

While you will have to experiment to find out what everyone is doing or read the individual character guides that we will surely be doing, in general, the skills can be identified by type based on the color of your button:

Blue buttons indicate fans, either for teammates or monsters you've recruited.
The green buttons indicate cure, either for your own agent, teammates or both.
Red buttons are attacks, which can be single-objective or AoE.
But wait, that's not all (he said in the best pitchman infomercial voice)!

Flame vs Blaze also has a mechanic called change so that it changes the attributes and abilities of its agent. Some agents may change their mode only at the base of their team, others may change after a specific trigger.

All agents change their appearance and one or more abilities once they have done so.

Learning how and when to change mode and make it work for your agent of choice is an important part of graduating to a more advanced game.


Our last beginner tip is more than just tag. The matchmaking system in Flame vs Blaze penalizes you for abandoning a game by not allowing you to start another ranked match until a certain amount of time has passed, almost as if you were in the penalty box playing hockey. Therefore, even when things seem desperate, you should stick if possible.

Note that this also applies to normal matches, although they do not affect your range. Call it as the game's way of making sure you finish what you start.

It's also a reminder to play Flame vs Blaze somewhere that has the strongest possible internet connection you can muster. As you'll need it to make sure it does not get disconnected accidentally and is worth it.

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