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How to get unlimited amount of money at Flirt City games

Flirt City is a simulator of real life in which you want to take someone with a serious relationship. You must capture their elected representatives, that they wanted to maintain a relationship with you. It is important to note that your tactics may be different in this game. You can impress your look, your gifts, and can be intelligent behavior - the choice is up to you. This game was developed by Candy Grill, which specializes in games of this kind.


Flirt City - Mobile Game, is closely associated with social networks. Your Android device will bring you to the brilliant city, where you will be able to achieve such a successful person. You can do anything you rarely available in real life: to become a star of the TV show, participate in fashion shows and attend the expensive boutiques. But, as in life, success must be earned by completing tasks according to the legend of the game. You can set to display the cunning and cheat to get it all at once!


This game creates a virtual world but as Sims and more approximate colleagues - Avatar. But this emphasis on fashion and style: you will have every opportunity to create a unique image. The development, you will discover new abilities your character, getting the coveted job, and the sympathy of friends.

Become successful

Take care of yourself, to improve the appearance. Remember that a successful person should be fully developed intelligence support at the appropriate level!

Obustroy their houses are equipped with kitchen and wardrobe all for a comfortable life. If your choice is Flirt City hacked version, can not limit itself to finance: the best things to buy friends and indulge pleasant gifts. Even if you have not built up in this life, in this game you can always find your ego!

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• Creating a character with individual looks;

• Pin binding to and play with your friends;

• a virtual city with shops, offices and trendy places;

• a large variety of items for style and at home. Make your dream in this game!


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