Cheats Injustice 2 Hack 2021 Credits to improve Gems and Sim

A new episode of Injustice on mobile. Play your favorite heroes, manage your combos and win the fight to prove your power.
Our article will be divided into two parts: 1. Presentation of our tips to get free gems on Injustice, 2. Presentation of this game, review, and test.


The tricks we have to offer is the use of cheats. It exploits a flaw allowing you to receive free gems on your account. Explanation below.

What is a generator? How does it work? Our generator is unique. We discovered a server flaw, which allows us to exploit it to simulate purchases of gems. When you launch the generator, the game thinks you are making a buy, it sends you the gems, when in reality you will not have spent a single penny.

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Exploitation of the fault is of course completely undetectable. To use our generator, nothing more simple:

  • You choose a number of gems you want to get.
  • In a few minutes, you will have your gems on your account.

But why provide this cheat to everyone for free?

For a very simple reason: We want to fight pay-win games. We are bored with these totally unbalanced games or players who pay a lot are stronger than those who are more skilled but lack the money they could spend in the game. We do not find it standard and we have decided to offer free cheats for everyone. It's a victory for you, as well as for us!

Is it risky for my injustice 2? Not. For the simple and good reason that our cheating injustice 2 works through the use of cracks server.

What is completely exclusive and makes it completely invisible.
However, thank you for not doing anything with hacking. Use it sensibly (1 or 2 generations per day) to make sure you do not notice and that you are completely blended with actual purchases.


This game is really great, but unfortunately, gems completely imbalance the game.

It's a shame, otherwise, the game will be absolutely perfect. But the one who pays will have a lot more fun on the game and will mostly develop in the game much easier than someone who plays completely free to play.

Here are some examples of the benefits of gems:

  • Be able to trade your gems for credits. Necessary to improve your skills, unlock assets, buy basic boxes containing game elements like ex, SIM cards (SIMs are used to obtain additional rewards in the levels you have already completed) and so on.
  • Buy Hero boxes to unlock the best heroes in the game.
  • Buy the hero bursts available in the shop.
  • Reload your energy ... Necessary if you spend a lot of time on the game!
  • Instantly complete missions such as the one you can do in operations for example.



The game is really great, for the test we are not going to talk about the problem of pay to win since we have already enough to run the ink on it in the previous paragraph. Here we will talk about the game, the gameplay in general and the different modes available.

It's a fighting game as well as Power Rangers Legacy Wars or Mortal Kombat X on mobile. You will have to learn how to manage your combos, launch the right attacks at the right time, and combine the shots to hit harder and harder. You will have to defend yourself to avoid bursting the face by your opponents. Managing travel is a big plus too. It may seem very simple at first, but I reassure you, there is a big margin of progression. It is typically a simple game to understand but complicated to master perfectly.

Each hero is more or less strong compared to others. Heroes are of a certain type.  Your team composed of 3 heroes will have to be thoughtful to counter your opponents.

You will also have to evolve the heroes. Improve their characteristics, and make them gain experience so that they become stronger and stronger. Be careful not to spend your credits anyway.

Finally, the game offers a different mode of games. The classic campaign mode, but also small operations in cars, the story mode that offers cinema dignity movies.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed the game. If you want gems and credits for free, take advantage of our generator Injustice 2 proposed at the top of this article. A part from this, the game is really great, prepare to burst and to rage at the same time!

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