Football Manager Touch and Mobile [Hack] Cheats and Tricks 2021

As every year, SEGA offers a new iteration of its Football Manager license on PC. It is also available on mobile platforms under the name of Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile, for its lighter version.

Available for a few days on the Play Store and App Store, Football Manager Touch offered a portage worthy of the name of the original title released on PC.
Recently, SEGA released a light version of the title to make it accessible to as many as possible with Football Manager Mobile.

Football Manager Touch

Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile are in very similar. The two take again the ingredients of the soft released on PC, namely the management of a team of footballers.

The biggest point of the first is still the 3D match engine and its cross-play functionality with the PC game. Very practical to follow at best it's equipped, wherever you are and at any time. This title is only available on Android and iOS tablets.

One of the big differences lies in the absence of the retranscription of the matches in 3D for the second version. This has a real impact on the price since the title can be downloaded at the price of 8.99 euros. Against 19.99 euros for the Touch version. But most of all, Mobile is also playable on a smartphone, while Touch was compatible only with iOS and Android tablets.

Two new countries have been added to the app, with the presence of Turkey and Poland. Its interface has been significantly improved compared to its predecessor since it resembles greatly what is proposed in the original game.

This is particularly visible in the recruiting part of the players and statistics, which provide additional welcome information. A version, therefore, richer, but fortunately also simplified, without adding any additional menus to an already complex interface.

The Football Manager formula remains always the same from year to year, a strong license that has been able to impose itself very quickly. Both versions offer in-app purchases but are not necessary.Hungry Shark World Astuce et Codes de Triche 2021

Given the potential number of hours of play of a title like Football Manager, you will probably find that the 19.99 euros for the Touch version are justified.

But if this price discards, you know that the version Mobile costs 55% cheaper or 8.99 euros and that this largely fulfills his contract.



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