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Futurama Game of Drones is a super addictive and interactive game for devices with Android and iOS. This game is a puzzle type Candy Crush on the theme of Futurama, where your main challenge is to match and deliver drones of delivery, as well as take care of the competition.

Part of the adventure in the game is to go on deadly missions and do your best to survive in extreme conditions.

The main motto in Futurama Game of Drones is the Bucks and owning them is crucial to getting the best results in the game.

Futurama Game of Drones Cheats, Tip, Bucks, Lives Free

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Futurama Game of Drones Cheats, Hack

Futurama Game of Drones Cheats, Hack 2021 android

Futurama Game of Drones Cheats, Hack 2021

About game: Futurama Game of Drones

Created by the Wooga studio also originally from Tropicats, to which we had devoted an article last week. Futurama: Game of Drones is a strategy game in which you have to combine identical elements together. This game is obviously downloadable on iOS and Android devices for free.

The elements to combine are actually drones supposed to accompany you to your certain death. And yes, at Futurama, we are pessimistic but realistic! Made by Professor Farnsworth, they actually have several functions.

Unlike most 3-by-3 match strategy games, on Futurama Game of Drones. You will have to combine drones by at least 4.

In vertical, horizontal and even diagonal, all movements are allowed from the moment the drones are linked by 4.

The strategy has its importance in the game since the number of shots is determined at the beginning of the game. Likewise, when a certain number of drones are aligned. You will be able to create boosters that will allow you to reach your goals.

Obviously, the use of the cash generator will be very useful. It will allow you to finish a level with additional moves. This tip will surely save you money!

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