Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash for Android - iOS Cheats.

It is a very interesting strategy game, which we dare not present to your attention. This application has a huge following around the world and continues to be replenished more and more new users.

This game represents a very militant and long-lost world, which is the main law - kill or be killed. It is here that you will have to create their own powerful and invincible kingdom.

Hire yourself strong and courageous soldiers, seize foreign lands and their resources to erect their own cities, and strengthen them in order to, in turn, and they fell under the onslaught of the enemy.

In the game Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash You will enjoy a good graphics, interesting animation, a wide variety of characters and an extensive wine.

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Kingroms mobile sceenshot

To pass your Kingdoms Mobile was more successful, and you managed to become the chief ruler of these lands, use the useful information in our knowledge base. Here you will get acquainted with the most common terms of the game.

Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash Cheats - Glitch Hack Strategy


The level of the hero

Increase character level, increases the level of attacks and the number of troops, which are subordinate to the hero.

Hero Skills

Each character in the game has its own unique skill. With some skills is enhanced military hero, while others allow the hero to independently carry out devastating attacks. By the choice of his characters and their skills fit with great responsibility.


To improve the characteristics of the heroes of jewelry encrusted them. With different ornaments are increasing different characteristics, so choose wisely decorations.


Thanks to the talents of the hero, strengthened the army, which he directs. Each of the heroes of the game has its own specific set of talents. Turn Talents hero in his power to be reckoned with, help them update.

Overview Kingdoms Mobile

Action game events unfold in the vast fantasy continent, whose territory for many years driven by irreconcilable war.
Your journey begins as a huge number of Lords, before which set the mission - Army collection, the expansion of the city, its subordination to the authorities of other players and become the ruler of all the land.

First, your city will be small and weak, but with the growth of power, expansion, and modernization of buildings, research, and new conquests, you will be able to repel anyone who would encroach on your possessions.

Take the construction of a great state. Create a guild and join the existing unions. Hire a harsh character, one of which has the appearance inspires awe at the enemy and the mysterious magicians, who are able to tear down the city with a single flick of the wrist.

With all this, we should not forget about its rear. It is well known that all the great lords were killed in the back. Be extremely careful, otherwise, your body will be laid in the foundation of the throne of someone else.

Military confrontation

The main feature of Kingdoms Mobile - fight. To find a random target.  You can not go out of their city. Rather than searching for it on the global map. By winning such battles can take prisoners who were then exchanged for very rare special items.