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Hello. You are coming at the right place to search Little Big City 2 Cheats Tool. This application is perfect for you to add Unlimited Diamonds to your account.

You have an Android device or you play?  Or the game is now available on the Facebook platform? Little Big City 2 Tool hack is the application add cheats in the game.

The great thing about the hacking tool is that it does not leave traces and protects your account to be prohibited or restricted. While you do not have to abuse it, but use it to good effect.

So when you want to add free Diamonds account use Little Big City 2 Cheats. It's a download for now from Zippyshare or free Mega and you can enjoy all the functionalities from now.

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Little Big City 2: what is it about?

Little Big City 2 takes the concept of game management as is the game of SimCity BuildIT smartphone. You are the mayor of a Little Big City and you have to organize the good economy of your empire. The goal is to also expand the social life of your city by building new buildings while adorning lavish decorations to make your citizens happy. During your party, many missions will be addressed in order to radiate Little Big City 2.

We believe this is a fairly typical game in terms of concept. If you enjoyed Farmville or Sims, this game will suit you perfectly. In addition, the generator, you can only be the best mayor of the world!

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We offer exclusive today Little Big City 2 hack to get unlimited money and diamonds. As you know, these resources are important because they allow the construction of more or less important buildings to develop your city. You can use this cheat without the risk of blocking your account but also on all phones and all tablets are few their version. You will finally have the opportunity to create the city of your dreams without limit!



How does our glitch and cheats Little Big City 2 working?

In addition to being legal, glitch our Little Big City 2 is easy to use. It is, therefore, suitable for all players regardless of their level. So you can use this cheats Little Big City 2 if you start the game or if your city is already quite dense. Moreover, there is no application or program or to download to your computer or your device. So you will avoid the risk of viruses or hack your account. You may have noticed that diamonds are in demand to accelerate the construction of buildings that can sometimes take hours. The diamonds will allow you to simply being more efficient. Of course, you must remember that money is the primary resource in the game because you can build all types of buildings, perform various tasks in the game.

Little Big City 2: the game

Little Big City 2 has been created by the developer Gameloft is now a player in the development of mobile games. The game is much like Megapolis and is inspired by SimCity BuildIT (we also offer tips for these games). The main difference will be in the new buildings and the goals you have to perform. Indeed, there is much more in Little Big City 2 than in the old game developer Gameloft. We always find the same resources system with money allows you to buy houses but also manage the economy of your city and of course diamonds that allow you to speed up the construction process. In conclusion, the aim of the game is really simple: you in the shoes of a mayor and manage fairly the economy of your city and its development.

The team's word

Little Big City 2 is an evolution of Megapolis game that has been very successful since its release a few years ago. The graphics are always excellent and the game mode is very interesting. However we encountered the same problems as you, that is to say, the lack of resources. After testing many generators that did not work and various cheats, we decided to create our own hack Little Big City 2 to help you get the unlimited resources but above all faster. You can finally build a city as you wish. We wish you all a very good game!

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