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If you played karting games, you recognize what are the coins in the games like mario kart tour cheats. And even if you have not done so, these are so iconic that you will surely meet at one point the Coin vignette on the Internet. They have been used in various consumer titles.

They remain a basic element in the history of video games as one of the first collectibles. The fans love them, of course.

In Mario Kart Tour, you can collect them by playing - they are scattered on the race cards.

Then you can use them to buy game skins, unlock new characters and more.

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About Mario Kart Tour game.

This will be the second serial game with Mario as the main character created for mobile operating systems (mainly for iOS and Android).

The community heard about it for the first time on January 18, 2018 - we saw the release date and an official logo. Nintendo wanted to release it one day in March 2019 in Oceania, North America, Asia, Japan and Europe, but its launch was postponed until the summer of 2019.

On August 26, 2019, we were informed that Mario Kart Tour will be released on September 25, 2019. Based on what Nintendo said, we expect it to support tablets and even PCs that have a built-in system. compatible operation, not just smartphones. You can see the gameplay on the Youtube platform.

You can download the game in the official Playstore and Appstore.



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Mechanism and game operation.

■ Mario Kart goes around the world!

Mario and his friends take a global dimension in this new Mario Kart as they race on courses inspired by the cities of the real world in addition to the classic courses of Mario Kart! These destinations will be toured every two weeks! In addition to classes based on iconic locations, some of your favorite Mario Kart characters will receive variations that incorporate the local flavor of the cities featured in the game!

■ Mario Kart has infinite fun with his fingertips!

The Mario Kart series, known and loved by many, is ready to take the world by storm - one smart device at a time! With a single finger, you can easily navigate and drift and throw devastating objects by fetching gold from goblets filled with new and classic Mario Kart courses.

■ Get 1st place with objects and Frenzy mode!

In Mario Kart Tour, you have access to an arsenal of powerful objects that can mix everything on the circuit! Increase the warmth by activating the new Frenzy mode, which gives you an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible! Enjoy the chaos that ensues, because the Frenzy mode lasts only a short time!

■ Collect pilots, karts, badges, and more!

Win Grand Stars by shorting or pulling the featured pipe to get more drivers, go-karts and gliders! You can also proudly wear badges, earned by taking on some challenges, next to your name in game!

■ Bonus challenge courses give a boost to traditional races!

In some races, 1st place is not always the goal. With names like "Vs. Mega Bowser" and "Goomba Takedown", these bonus challenge courses require a different approach to gameplay and strategy!

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How does the Mario Kart Tour Cheat work?

However, Emerald Gems (sometimes called Green Gems) are a different currency in the Mario Kart Tour game.

While playing, players collect Grand Stars by finishing the race (or races) and other challenges.

Gather Stars to unlock additional circuits or gifts that may contain Emerald Stones. For five Emeralds, you can open a green pipe that projects a new kart, a new pilot or a new glider, each of a different rarity.

Our first attraction was Morton (one of Bowser's underlings). For the moment, you can not buy Emerald Gems in the game shop, but this option will surely be activated after the release of this game.

Is this generator working properly?

Cheating is unacceptable to many people. Sometimes they do not even download guides, tips or tricks.

They prefer to play longer than they should or buy something instead of taking a few shortcuts. But we are not like them, and if you read this, it means that you are probably like us too.

We recommend using Mario Kart Tour Cheats - it's easy and fun.

And pleasure is the essential thing when you play. Why play if you do not like it?

It's a win-win situation for you. Google, how many men and women do that!

Our opinion on the game Mario Kart Tour

We were eager to find the mobile version of this cult game that is Mario Kart and we are not disappointed. We find the universe of Mario Kart with characters, vehicles and all delusional obstacles. The madness of the races that punctuated our childhood is back on mobile and we left as at the time. The graphics are good and the soundtrack runs well the races. The gameplay is great with an easy grip.

In the end, if you are a fan of the game, you will enjoy and if you discover, you will enjoy too.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Sensor TowerSensor TowerIt may not have multiplayer, it may be loaded with microtransactions, but people really like, really Mario Kart. Nintendo's new mobile offering, Mario Kart Tour, broke the one-day download record not just for its own mobile games, but for all mobile games. But the most surprising aspect of Mario Kart Tour's exit cheat is undoubtedly the fact that it has a paid subscription model.

In our blog, we publish the best cheats of the Mario Kart Tour almost every day, which assures you to win even more races.

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