The mobile version My NBA 2K18 now comes to your Android and IOS devices. This year, we have a lot of interesting things like connecting the mobile game to the PC or the console version to transfer the virtual currency. It's very interesting, you can collect your favorite players while you are traveling. You collect purchase cards from opening packs. These packs are bought with credits that are the main motto of the game. The packs are not cheap and soon you realize that you do not have enough credits. The game offers you the option of buying store credits with real money.

Let me show you the prices:

My NBA 2K18 Cheats Hack Codes - credits & RP - Android, iPhone, Tablet and iPad

Medium Credits Pack- $ 4.99
Small Credits Pack- $ 1.99
Large Credits Pack- $ 19.99
Huge Credits Pack- $ 49.99
Enormous Credits Pack- $ 99.99

This is expensive in my opinion. You will have to make a lot of purchases if you want at least 100k credits. But, if I tell you, there is a way to get free and RP credits on My NBA 2K18. Read below to know more about this code My NBA 2K18 cheats.

My NBA 2K18 a game

My NBA 2K18 Cheats Hack Codes - credits & RP - Android, iPhone, Tablet and iPadHere at, we know what it means to be a player and what passion someone can put into a game. That's why we understand you perfectly and that's why we try to help you all. We are a team of experienced programmers and we have been generating resources for over 4 years. You could say that we are experts at finding small offenses that can change your game resources.

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We have a clear policy, we do not like freemium games. A free game for download should be free until the end. No game should require players to buy from their stores with real money. All players must be equal from the start, but all graphics are driven by players who have purchased resources. We understand that it is almost impossible to deal with this type of players. That's why we came to help you. We have developed this generator to prevent your need for credits.

How to cheats on My NBA 2K18

Before you start generating credits and VCs, pay attention to the following lines. This generator is made so that you will not have to pay any credits, so use it wisely. Do not generate a large amount at a time. You can use it every day. Now that we are clear, let's start adding free credits to My NBA 2K18.

First, open the generator page. Scroll to the top and click the red button. Once, connect your game by filling in your username. Choose the number of credits and RP you want and continue. You will end up on the verification page. Do not panic, it's just prevent automated software from using our My NBA 2K18 hack. If you are human, it will be easy for you to pass. We have added a short tutorial above for you. That's it, now you can open your game and check the resources.

My NBA 2K18 Cheats Hack Codes

My NBA 2K18 Cheats Hack Codes - credits & RP - Android, iPhone, Tablet and iPad

My NBA 2K18 Cheats Hack Codes - credits & RP - Android, iPhone, Tablet and iPad

Some tips to improve your gameplay

Open your game at least once a day: even if you do not want to play, we recommend opening the game every day. In this way, you collect connection rewards. These rewards are improved every day and you could even end up with an elite card. The rewards are reset at the end of the month so that the maximum gift you can get is the last day of the month.

Make professional players: If you have two copies of the same card, combine them to upgrade your player. In this way, it will become a PRO and statistics will increase. Do this as often as you can.

Training and Training: Sacrifice your community cards to enhance your experience and your levels to the rarest. Improve your team with this method as often as you can. The competition will surely do. Now that you have the opportunity to buy unlimited packs, you will get a ton of community cards. Transform them and increase your team.

The final advice is logical. Since you have unlimited credits, we recommend you always buy the most expensive packs. You are more likely to get rare and even elite cards. Have fun and use My NBA 2K18 Cheats wisely.