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Cheats and tips to raze in PUBG Mobile for Android (and iPhone)

This is our Guide PUBG Mobile Hack and Cheats. Finally, we have with us the awaited PUBG for mobiles after passing through computers and consoles, and taking advantage of the occasion we leave you the best tricks and tips to always win in your games in PUBG Mobile. While there are some differences, if you already have experience with the big title, you are going to have some advantages.

With the following tips and tricks to start playing PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone iOS (when it arrives) you will know the best attack and defense strategies, also what to do in each moment and how to deal with the initial situations that you will encounter in your first hours of play. This way you can become a great player from the first minutes of availability of the program, and that will give you many advantages in the future.

The exit of PUGB Mobile in iOS mobile devices (first in Android) has supposed a knock-on effect in the genre in a telephony market accustomed to other types of proposals, although with Rules of Survival or Free Fire Battlegrounds that have shown us that There is a lot of hunger for action. Whether you play PUGB Mobile on computer or mobile, you will need help to overcome those experienced users who have been playing the original title on Xbox One and PC for a long time.

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While running with automatic execution, you can grab and hold the camera/eye icon below your map and drag it to look freely without changing your direction, good to verify your horizons for opposing players.

Choose the type of control - PUBG Mobile Guide and Cheats

There are two types of controls in PUBG mobile; for your character and for the vehicle. Both controls can be customized in the configuration.
In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the status; how many players are alive and how many players die.

In the lower left part of the screen; There is a stock option. All the elements you chose from the buildings, battlefield saved in this bag. Touch and verify what you have. After that, touch an item and you can use it. For example, have the first aid box, touch it and then use it to regain health. If you have some useless items in your bag, you can release it partially or the whole set.

If you already have a sniper rifle, now you must know how to use it

Sometimes a rookie can pick up one of the sniper rifles, but not knowing how to use it is as if he really does not have it. You must take into account this characteristic to make perfect shots.

You must take care of the bullet fall. When firing each bullet begins to fall slowly. If you are about 100 meters away you will not notice it, but at a greater distance yes. As you have a sniper rifle, you will have to shoot long distance to take into account this problem of physics. If each small strip of the map equals 100 meters, you must calculate at the time of the shot.

If you have hit someone, maybe you have not eliminated them

Do not be fooled. Not always when you hit it means you've finished with a rival, and if you trust you, they return it to you. When you hit someone with the sniper rifle do not hesitate to run to the area to use your assault rifle, especially if you are less than 200 meters away.

Sometimes the objective with this type of weapons is that you weaken the enemies, but you will have to kill them more than once, and more if they are wearing bulletproof vests and good health.

Best places to land on PUGB Mobile

Although the booty is random, there are some areas of the map where it is easier to arm yourself to the teeth. In our opinion these are the best places that have worked for us and where we have obtained weapons and vests of a higher level:

Shipping Dock

Open area full of containers where there are enough places to find supplies. As it is a somewhat dangerous place, try to go first to the nearby apartments and then get closer little by little to end the clueless.

Military base

It is the place where more booty you are going to obtain but possibly were before you are going to fall in front of the rivals. The good thing that many buildings have to explore so with a bit of luck you will take a lot of booties and get away with it, even if you are attentive to the ambushes on the bridges.


If you go in a group it is interesting, but if you go alone it is better that you forget it because you will not go out alive. It is an area that requires reorganization because of how it is designed, so keep it in mind for certain occasions.

Power plant

It's like the military base, but smaller. As there are many buildings you will end up finding good booty, also does not have such a high concentration of players.

These are the best cheats to sweep and win many games in PUGB Mobile and become a professional.

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