Review Game Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite is a fun shooter that unfortunately does not offer anything new

Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite - Moving in the futuristic space combat is not breathed. New life into the Call of Duty franchise, certainly not to the extent of which we had hoped. With slow and boring single-player campaign, as well as multiplayer and zombies modes which are mainly run by what we have seen in last year's Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a fun shooter that unfortunately does not offer anything new. This certainly is not the first CoD that of its predecessors does not offer much that is new, but the problem is that this time can get in the way Activision is that the competition this year, stronger than ever.

For a long time the Call of Duty games based on three main pillars - the single-player campaign, multiplayer and Zombies mode. This year, instead of three main pillars, in the best case, we have one and a half.

The single-player campaign

2016-a us after a long time brought a large amount of high-quality single-player campaign in Shooter. There are Doom Titanfall 2, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 1, Deus Ex: Mankind Divide. All of these games have a significantly better campaign of the new Call of Duty, which remained nailed in the past, without any breakthroughs in comparison with its predecessor.

In Infinite Warfare sci-fi campaign will spend much of the time (of about five and a half hours as needed for the entire campaign) to finally come to the moment when things become even remotely amusing. But until you reach that point, the campaign will or already bored, or will even act as a culmination of something that is not worth the wait.

After starting the now traditional exaggerated (and cheap) Call of Duty melodrama, Infinite Warfare you play so many faceless protagonists to us, it was hard and to remember his name.

Kit Harington of Game of Thrones is in the role of villain, but even if we like it at first seemed to potentially interesting thing for the new CoD, we do not take much to lose interest in a rather meaningless cliche villain whom he interprets. His character, above all hates freedom, that is so complex this Call of Duty villain.

The campaign is in every way trying to Call of Duty as a game that offers more than just a corridor perforation, but the problem is that all these combat sections again similar to each other.

Opponents absorb bullets like a sponge and too often will rely on boring too strong weapons. Dogfight struggle in the universe is also too simple, but the absence of the mini-map is particularly annoyed us, given that we could not conclude which side someone is shooting at us in open space.

Loading is also very clumsily hidden long and boring rides lift what we did not see more of Mass Effect. And while all of this sets the campaign finally gets even remotely interesting.

You'll have to go another hour of gameplay much will remain until the end of the campaign. After that, you can (and probably you will) forget that the campaign ever occurred. The first pillar of the game - a complete failure.

Multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

A similar Warfare 3 in all matters in which it should be similar, with pick ten system, combined with specialized classes and the increased mobility of movement. A multiplayer mode in Infinite Warfare was obviously the most focus of developers.

Again, there is a lot of different and interesting ways to customization your class and surprise your opponent. Multiplayer generally unsuccessful good balance, and at the same time is easy to master the new players and hard enough and worked out that it can become a true master.

Design map is a great way to use sci-fi setting game, so you will have to fight in a beautiful futuristic environment. Mobility during movement is guessed in the foreground, so expect running on the walls as one of the key elements of gameplay.

All this will certainly require a little better study the maps, and only when you are "entering the blood," multiplayer if you become much more fun.

One problem that unfortunately has not stopped this is how the game is solved respawning enemies.

Too often will they appear exactly behind and we sincerely hope that the developers will fix this problem as soon as possible.Blitzkrieg 3 Revue des jeux RTS pour PC

And speaking of technical improvements, they are indispensable when it comes to online lag, sync with the server and the general slowness and inertia of the entire system.

We finally leave only the Zombies mode as something that now we want to go back and play again

And if the first of two key pillars of the Call of Duty games could only once to give a passing grade, at least a third, Zombies mode did not disappoint.

Zombies in Space is located in a nice designed an abandoned theme park and with the addition of maniacal David Hasselhoff, at times can be more humorous than potentially awesome.

Most importantly, all the magic of co-op gameplay is back. Maps are excellent, pitfalls and strategies that need to devise a well-designed. You will make in the game will be able to discover every detail regarding the map. Even here and carnival games that you can play when you die.

All in all, though perhaps not as developed in the Black Ops 3 (this is obviously a topic that pervades the entire Infinite Warfare).

Zombies mode is definitely not a disappointment, and now the number one thing that every day re-launch the game on our PS4.

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