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The tricks are simple but at the same time effective to have resources in the game for free. Want to have tips for changing this game? Do not waste time, read this page and find out how you can add unlimited resources now!


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Are you looking for a way to add resources for free in Sonic Forces Speed Battle? The best choice you can do is to download these tips, which will help you add free resources now!

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These Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle cheats are the future you can have fun and get all the free resources.

If you have on our page, it's because you are looking for a way to get an unlimited number of Red Star Rings and Golden Rings. It's your lucky day because we have exactly what you need.

Our community is dedicated to making good cheat tools that help players. Our tools will inject resources into your game at no cost. This time we made a generator for Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle. It's easy to use and you can add free Red Star and Gold Rings. Before generating resources, let's take a brief look at the game.

Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle, game presentation

An endless runner that allows you to run against another player in the world is what we want. Sonic is ready to dodge obstacles and collect rings again.

In Speed ​​Battle, you will run through different tracks and try to overtake other players. The first to reach the Ruby prototype wins the race. You have different power-ups that will slow down other players. You can choose from a lot of characters, but in the beginning, will only have Sonic.

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The other characters can be found in the chests as a card. Collect cards and unlock new characters. Of course, you can upgrade them with maps. But these cards are difficult to obtain. You will need to buy chests to find them.

Chests are expensive and will cost you rings, Red Star and Gold Rings. The game is not so generous with them and you will have to buy them at the store with real money. But do not worry, Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle will help you not spend a dime.

Red Star and Gold Rings for Android and iOS

Many players have problems with this game. Even if it's a free game, some items cannot be unlocked if you do not spend a few cents. Sega has assured you will do it at some point by building the game that way.

To obtain certain cards, you will need to buy only diamond chests that cost 1600 Red Star Rings. This is a huge amount and it will not guarantee you that you will get what you want. You will have to continue buying chests. I do not want to talk about the waiting time.

This will discourage a lot of players because many of them will never spend money on a game. Here is the trick, the game is so captivating at the beginning and you will end up in the shop.

The good news is that you will not be part of these players. You're smart and use the Sonic Forces Speed Battle ring generator.

How to use the generator

Before using the generator, you must know that many players have used our generator and have boosted their games. They knew that winning over other players depends on the improvements you have. So, to make your characters stronger, you will need to update them.

Use our generator and get their stats to the max.

To use our generator is very simple, anyone can use it. Just go to the builder page and follow these three simple steps:

1.Connect your game to the servers by inserting your game username.
2. Choose the number of Red Star Ring and Golden Rings you want and click generate
3.The final step is a security and you will have to prove that you are a real human. You will have to fill out a short offer and you are done.

Open your game and start spending. Nothing easier. Our tool is always online so you can access it whenever you want. Good luck.

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