Talking Tom Camp Cheats - Glitch Hack 2021

What is Talking Tom Camp about?

You know Tom in games like My Talking Tom or Talking Tom Gold Run. Now it's time to help Tom in his war against other felines. Take the water pistol and start shooting with water balloons to protect the camp. Win the water gun battle or get wet while trying.

Talking Tom Camp is a strategy where you have control of a base. You will upgrade it and defend it against the waves of felines that will attack you from adjacent camps. You start with an empty base, but do not worry because Tom is here to help you. Take your tools and build a water tower and a money factory. Set up defensive positions, because the other cats will attack you soon to steal your gold coins.

Once you survive the attack, prepare the offensive, attack also their base. Use your water guns and destroy their base. Once you destroy the base, all their pieces will be yours and some extra gems.

Little tips:

1.Place the side of the road, it can better protect your base
2. Get a second beaver, you will build more buildings at the same time
3. Build a troop store, train your troops as much as you can, they will help you in battles

After making a good start, you will see that the game is more complex. You will unlock new buildings and try to improve them, clear more land and put in place a better defense system.

Next, to these, you will hit the wall of payment. The waiting time spoils all the pleasure. Each upgrade will take some time to complete. To pass this waiting time, gems are needed and as the game is not very generous, you will end up in the shop. Here are a lot of gems and gold coins, but they cost money.

Now comes the dilemma: you do not buy and do not quit the game, or you keep playing and spending money. Fortunately for you, a 3rd option is available, you keep playing and you get the gems for free. How? With our Tom Talking Camp Gems Cheat CodeCheats My Talking Tom 2 Hack 2021 / Glitch - Get Free Coins

How to get free gems on Talking Tom Camp?

If you do not know us yet, you should look at our previous versions. We have created tools that help players. The tool that will give you free and unlimited resources. Just as you will get free gems on Talking Tom Camp.

Cheating Talking Tom Camp has never been easier. Just go to the link above and go to the tour page. Once there, you can add as many gems and gold coins as you want. There are no limits.

Talking Tom Camp is available for download on Android and iOS. The game is fun, and the character is cute. However, many players complain about the high price of updates. The game looks more like genres and I do not think they like that. But Talking Tom Camp is a unique game that will make you addictive quickly. You will not be bored because there is a lot to do. Beautiful cartoon graphics will make your experience worthy of the name. We rate Talking Tom Camp 9/10 stars. Happy game!

You also have a variety of troops to choose from, which you should ideally combine. Here is an overview:

  • Balloons occupy only one place in the bus and have medium speed and medium speed.
    Spotlights need two seats and have a long range.
  • Friesenkader already needs four seats on the bus. They are not very fast, but they are quite resistant.
  • Ninjas need two places and are very fast; they are ideal for capturing energy and resources.
  • Slingers occupy six bus seats and are very, very slow - they have an enormous range.
  • Jetpacks need five seats on the bus and overcome the generic ground defense.
  • Wingsuits need three places and overcome the line of defense at lightning speed.
  • Dryers impress with their courage and speed. Your reach is enormous, but they also occupy four seats in your bus.
  • Mecha: Slow but almost unbeatable is this combat giant, for which you have to have eight seats on the bus.

Find out which strategy you want to pursue. Are you more the defenders or attackers? Build your game after this basic decision and become king over the water bottles.

General Talking Tom Camp Cheats

Open the presents regularly and watch commercials. Even if it is annoying: So you quickly come to energy, coins or gems.

Achieve your goals. These are hidden on the right side of the star. In addition to the gems you get to complete a task, these challenges guide you safely through the beginning of the game.

If you switch to Water Battle mode, you will gain energy and coins on each round you win, and can quickly increase your resources to build your camp.

Improve your tree house as fast as possible to unlock new buildings.

Talking Tom Camp hack for building the camp

These Talking Tom Camp hack tips will help you build your camp properly: you should build defenses along the way. As you progress through the game, you will have access to several defensive buildings: Sprinkler, Tower, Catapult, Puddle, Birdhouse, Mini-Cannon, and Evaporator should be positioned so that other buildings are safe from attack. But keep in mind that you can also be attacked from the air!

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