Tiny Gladiators Cheats Hack Glitch Diamonds 2021

This article is divided into two parts: In the first part you will discover the cheats and hack to receive diamonds for free and at will in Tiny Gladiators. In the second part, we will present this fun little mobile game.


Our cheat tricks go through the use of a generator that takes advantage of a loophole to send diamonds to any Tiny Gladiators account. Before accessing it, thank you to read the article below to understand the procedure to follow imperatively to be sure to pay nothing. Then click on the button under the video to access the generator.

But what exactly is a generator? How does it work? To put it simply, our cheat tool works by exploiting a server flaw. Thanks to this one, the tool will simulate diamond purchases on your Tiny Gladiators account. By doing so, the game thinks that a real purchase is being made. He sends the diamonds to your account when in reality you will not have spent a single cent to receive them.
To operate the generator, it's very simple, you choose the number of diamonds you want to receive.

Warlords of Aternum Cheats → Hack Glitch Diamonds.

In just a few minutes you will receive your diamonds on your account.

And why provide this cheat Tiny Gladiators for free? Because we are tired of pay to win games, games completely unbalanced between those who pay and those who play completely free. We know how frustrating it can be to lose in PvP against a player who has a much more powerful stuff than ours and that despite all our skill, we lose against him.
By providing our cheat tip for free, we hope to help players who can not afford diamonds, but who still deserve to evolve in this little game where we are quickly blocked by lack of stuff.
Take advantage of our generator to go destroy your opponents who have made you suffer too much!

Is it risky for me Tiny Gladiators? Absolutely not, for the simple reason that our generator operates in a completely anonymous and invisible way. At no time can the game be aware of anything.
That's why we can say 100% that our cheat trick is the safest for your gaming account. Plus it does not require jailbreak or root of your smartphone or tablet. Which is a huge advantage!

Tiny Gladiators Cheat Tip Features:

- Earn unlimited Diamonds.
- Earn unlimited Gold.
- Tested on Android phones and tablets and iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini and other iOS devices!
- Do not need to Root your Android device or Jailbreak from your iOS device!
- Free online access 24 hours a day!
- Update each time with the version of the game!
- Anti-ban system for your account security (you will never be banned if you use our tips).
- Very simple to use by anyone and it has a user-friendly interface.
- Have access to an unlimited number of Diamonds and Gold and get an advantage in the game Tiny Gladiators.


Diamonds, ie the game's premium currency, which can be obtained via real money, completely disequilibrates the game. Indeed, a player who has diamonds can enjoy the benefits to evolve more easily and efficiently in the world. Here are some examples of the possibilities offered by diamonds:

Buy the best chest of the game, containing the best weapons, helmets or armor.
Buy boosts up to + 150% additional damage. A must have when you block on a level.
Buy costumes (for fun!)
Buy energy when you come short.
As you will understand, the first two elements mentioned above make it easy to win the games and therefore to evolve much more easily and efficiently. In this little mobile game.


Tiny Gladiators is a mix between RPG game, adventure game, and fighting game. In this BoomBit Games game, you will travel the world to avenge your fallen father.

You will be able to fight in the adventure mode to face your fears and discover the secret that lies behind the death of your father. For that, you will have to fight always more and to overcome the bosses of the arena.

The game Tiny Gladiators will offer you to customize your gladiator, choose the type of fighter he will be: Knight, assassin, big nag ..., equip him with new pieces of stuff, helmet, armor, and weapon. You will also be able to improve it, make it take skills etc.

PvP is unfortunately not in real time. A sad enough point since it could have been the most fun part of this game. You will fight against the "ghosts" of other players. Suffice to say that only their stuff will put you in difficulty, because skill level of AI, it's not that!

Finally, the last interesting mode of the game: Survival. Fight relentlessly and defeat opponents one by one to reach the summits and reap a max of rewards and especially diamonds!

Want to go cut out gladiators? So the game is for you, get started in the pit!

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